Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Read-aloud through March - Day 9

At the end of our day, Kuhu picked 3 books to read... "Farmer Falgu goes on a trip", "My First Railway Journey" and "I really ABSOLUTELY must have glasses".

We love this Farmer Falgu's book. I was doubtful if Kuhu would know what silence means and why the farmer would want to go in search of it. But she said - त्याला शांतता हवीये म्हणून चाललाय तो मला हवी असते तशी !! Kuhu loves to make noise like Trot-Trot or Dum-Dum and also to be silent as Shhh... as we read. Yesterday she wanted me to sing the song the old man in the story was singing... Thanks to Cuddles and Reads that I knew what goes along with this book... we sang "yui hi chala chal rahi" and Dadda joined in too... It was fun. We then sat quite to listen every 'noise' we hear before sleep took over.

My First Railway Journey is a wordless picture book from NBT. Wonderfully captured emotions of that first journey, that tunnel... We loved watching it all and remembering what we have seen so far. Kuhu told me she has never seen a coolie... so next time we travel, we 're going to say a Hello to a coolie !

 Charlie and Lola are one of our favorites. We love their funny conversations.... I really ABSOLUTELY must have glasses is adorable. Now Kuhu wants a pair of glasses !


Chitra Soundar said...

Thanks for your great comments about Falgu. I sing different songs with the book each time - but I too love playing the music. I got myself some drums and a small flute just for that.

Prajakta Kashalkar-Joshi said...

Thanks Chitra. I too am looking to get a drum to play when we read this.