Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Read-aloud through March - Day 3

It was bedtime, Kuhu was tired so was I and we had not read anything yesterday. I was worried we might miss the day but just as I was putting on her blanket, she said - आपण रात्री वाचतो ना ? I jumped out to pull a book but she wanted to read two books, so we read two - "Silly Sara" and How to catch a star.

Silly Sara by Anna Jane Hays is a Phonics book with lot of rhyming words. More than the story of Silly Sara going on to become Super Sara, we love the rhyming words. Illustrations by Sylvie Wickstrom are go well with the book.

How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers  is one of our favorites. The boy's imagination, his effort and the result are just too good. Kuhu relates to it as she tries to do some off-beat things like the boy. Illustrations by the author are superb.

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