Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Read-aloud through March - Day 22 & Day 23

We had a long lay-over at Kolkata before our flight home on Day 22. What better way to spend time than reading ! We read "The Duckling got a cookie ?!" over and over and over. Fellow travelers were amused to see this mother-daughter duo reading the same book numerous times and enjoying it each time. We just love Mo Willems. More about the book here.

Day 23 was our first-vacation-day-at-home. It was obvious that Kuhu was bored of such less-activity through the day. So she was ready with a list of books she wanted me to read. As soon as she was home after a short walk with her aaji, she asked - काम झाला ? (Are you done with your work?). She pulled me into her room (so I don't get carried away watching some nonsensical TV serials . Clever girl !) and pulled out "Cindrella". This was followed by "Bruno the artist". She then made me a present just like what Bruno made for his mum. She then got "The scarecrows on parade" and "Tsomo the momo" to read before we hit the bed. Our review of these books is here.

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