Monday, March 23, 2015

Read-aloud through March - day 18 and day 19

The school is over for this year and we've a few weeks off before we begin the next year..... A good time to head for a vacation. So we're off to meet one more aaji-ajoba and mama. 

To close our fun-filled and relaxing day with Mama, we read बालू की टोकरी. 

We head to Ranchi on day 19 to meet Avi ajoba. We enjoyed our first day time train journey in Shatabdi and read a puzzle book "खोजो-पहचानो".  This is a book that gives you four line hint on what you can find in the accompanying picture. Kuhu learnt a few Hindi words while we cracked the riddle and found those all on the picture. Each page had a different set of five - animals, birds, fruits, etc. The pictures needed to be looked at carefully. I recommend this NBT book for observation for pre-schoolers and upto 6 yrs ones for solving the riddle with poetic clues. 

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Chitra Soundar said...

That's so cool that you read Balu Ki Tokri. I love fruits and my favourite scene is the last one with grandma.

What's yours?