Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Read-aloud through March - Day 2

Yesterday we got our monthly package from Little Reader's Nook. The theme for the month was food. Kuhu was excited to see her gift and wanted to read it... So all the four books were our reads for Day 2 : Balu's Basket / बालू की टोकरी, The scarecrows on parade, Tsomo and the momo & The Duckling gets the cookie!?

Balu's Basket by Chitra Soundar is bilingual book with a beautiful story about Balu, his basket and how he fills it up. Illustrations by Uttara Sivadas are colorful and bright. We loved this book for the simple story line and taking my city-kid to a wonderful village setting.

Why should scarecrows always look scary and ugly? What if they looked pretty and went on a parade rather than standing still in the field? The scarecrows on parade by Shamim Padamsee takes us on a scarecrows parade with Gauri. Nice story with bright illustrations by Tanaya Vyas. Kuhu loved making me to show how a scarecrow should look just as Gauri's Ma showed her in the story !

Tsomo and the momo by Nivedita Subramaniam is a delightful story of Tsomo and biiig momo that she wants. The illustrations are very soft and lively. Kuhu wanted me to make a momo for her just like Tsomo and sing a song like Tsomo's mom. :-)

The Duckling gets the cookie!? by Mo Willems - "Oh that pigeon is back !" Kuhu exclaimed as soon as she saw the book... She surely was expecting some rant from the pigeon through the story and she was not disappointed at all. When we finished, she asked - मी "politely" मागितलं तर देशील का ? Oh man... how can I even say no to this??

This monthly package came with a Little Chef activity - assemble food cards for different dishes.  Kuhu and I enjoyed it too...

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