Friday, June 27, 2014


Ever since Kuhu and I participated in 30-books-in-30-days-challenge, everyone has been asking me three things - are you still reading?, what are you two reading now? and how can I get my kid started on reading?

For the first... yes ... we are reading and reading and reading and we read every day at every opportunity that comes our way. I don't refuse if Kuhu comes up with a book almost anytime ...anywhere...

For the second.... we read whatever Kuhu lays her hand at... and also something that we've not read for a while or something that is relevant to her phase of life like starting school, a trip to the zoo, festivals, I-am-ill, Father's day... anything.

The third one deserves a separate post (too many people asking me this!) so more on that later. :-)

Kuhu and I enjoy our time with books and the 30-books-in-30-days-challenge was so much fun. We did participate in a couple of more online book activities and had good fun. (Yes... I didn't blog about those... :-( ). And we're now up for a new one - INDIA LOVE BOOK EXCHANGE by "The Educator's Spin on it". This is quite different from all that we've done so far and hence exciting. More details here.

We're not so good at doing activities based on a book. Activities and books are still disjoint for us. If we've read something related to the activity, we recollect it, talk about it and even re-read it but the other way round has never happened. We've never done an activity right after we read. Oh yes... I dont blog about what we read either. And I've been meaning to do it for long. "India Love Book Exchange" will be my starting point for it !

Let's see how it goes.... stay tuned....

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