Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 books in 30 days challenge - Our take away....

It was a wonderful month of March for Kuhu and me. We spent so much more time together reading many many wonderful books ... all thanks to "30 books in 30 days challenge" that we took. And yaay..... we won it too... I captured what we read during the month here.

The Bubble Ink sent us this badge and a wonderful book "Inside your Outside" from Cat in Hat learning series and Kuhu is loving it.

While I keep thinking of what a wonderful month it was, I realized that there was so much that this challenge taught us. Penning it down here -
  1. We read and read and read.... despite being a busy month at work, I and Kuhu kept thinking and finding ways to read every single day.
  2. This challenge introduced us to so many wonderful books, publishers and blogs that review children's books and lots of parents who read to their kids.
  3. Before the challenge, I never looked for a theme in any book, we read a book just as a story. But now, we pick a book, look for the theme and try to read the next ones based on that.
  4. Many of our older books came back in action because they fit in some theme... we were happy to read them again and I'm sure books felt the same :-)
  5. We need to better arrange Kuhu's library to make it easy to find... and given the rate we keep adding, we should think ahead to accommodate the new ones !
Keeping in the spirit of reading and books, we're now attending "Blow a Book Bubble" - A picture book exchange party. Details here.

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bubble ink said...

Thanks for the post. Glad you liked the book . Thanks once again for staying in the challenge. It was participants like you, who made it a success