Sunday, June 20, 2010

A refreshingly different weekend

After a wait of 6 months, this weekend was truly different. It was not completely off routine but had just enough change to rejuvinate me.

Saturday began with usual household chores, followed by a chat with my dietician and then came the get-together with my best friends... It was pending for 6 yrs ... Missed the two from our gang ...but we finally re-lived our college days.. with constant chitter-chatter and juice and snacks and all the confusion over the route to get back home !! As it was 6 yrs ago, we spent more than 30 mins on where to sit down to talk and what juice to have. Like always, she talked the most... some laughs, some tears, some cheering, some consoling, some advise, some argument...  It was truly a "Thoda aur chalega..." kind.

Sunday started out to be a regular one but changed the course towards the afternoon when we decided to watch a movie - "Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai". CityPride, Kothrud welcomed us with a "housefull" board. It was a complete surprise to see this board for a Marathi movie running in the 2nd week. Disappointed, we were contemplating watching 'Ravaan' when Amit went up to the counter to check that the movie was indeed 'housefull'. To our surprise, there were last two ticktes left from the first row and Amit picked those! I wasnt happy with this... I didnt want my better half to doze off just the way he did while we were gazing the night sky at Carnegie Science Museum at Pittsburgh ! But I had no choice :-(

With 2 hours in hand before the movie and no really close place to go (other than home or my mom's place !!) and nothing to do , we actually sat down on the roadside pavement and chatted our hearts out like college couple :-)... I must say it was so much fun!

The movie actually turned out to be cool ! Such a young and refreshing one ! Only 2 characters, one trademark kinetic honda, one song sequence, no costume / getup change for either of the two, all happening spots of Pune shot beautifully ! Ok... asking for a story.. there wasnt any but there was one ... that of every couple who has dated / is dating in Pune. They connected with the stones, rocks, lakes, streets, tables and everything :-)

All thru the movie, we were nostalgic... we too remembered the rocks, the lake, the shopping, the coffee, the mandir... we have been there ...done it all :-) All in all,  a refreshing movie with a pinch of comedy, a pinch of romance, good dialogues, good cinematography, good direction and awesome acting by the cast (Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve)!

What a weekend it was... I hope I dont have to wait another 6 months for a 'once more'!!

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