Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This birthday in fact began with a surprise.

Amit woke me up at midnight to wish. We headed off to the gym as usual and were back to see all the missed calls from my dear ones. While I just finishing my conversation with them, Amit came up with his gift - a beautiful necklace set. I don't know when he got it !! Also the candlelight dinner at "Little Italy" added spice to the day.

The next was Ameya (who claims to never forget anyone's birthdays and anniversary!! ) not calling all through the day !

In office, I caught up my (new) team mates. It being Friday, Raj suggested going out for lunch and all (Raj, Amit, Manju and myself ) agreed. While on our way, Raj happened to asked everyone their birthdays. To everyone's excitement, ithe lunch turned to be a party from me at Chandni Chowk in Koramangala. It was a pleasant surprise to treat someone for my birthday. What more, they made me bake a cake as my birthday resolution and gifted me a book in the next team meeting !

All-in-all a very off-routine, fun-filled Birthday !

p.s.: the only sad part was losing the earring from set that Amit gifted :-(

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