Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aayushyavar Bolu Kahi ... Let's talk about life!

It was a usual path that I got there... I heard people talk about him and his poems... "A new face on the horizon of Marathi kavita... young but vibrant.. he kind of revived the interest in Marathi poetry..." Well... yes.. I am talking about Sandeep Khare.... not just about him but his poems, his programmes, his companion Saleel Kulkarni and all.

I must admit that I am not avid lover of Marathi poetry. I've never been deeply involved in reading or writing poems but some have touched my heart and I've always been fascinated to read / listen to them more. So, when a lot of people around started talking about Sandeep's poems, I got his poems to listen (His poems tuned in music by Saleel albumed as "Sari var Sar" was released by then.) And I liked them. But Sandeep did not strike me as a poet until I read his poem in Madhura (Sakal's Women supplement). I was stunned by his observation. Since then I have been listening / reading his poems. What triggered this blog is a recent programme we attended.

This year, Mitramandal Indiranagar organized a fantastic programme on the Sankranti day, "Aayushyavar Bolu Kahi". This is a damn popular programme staged by Sandeep Khare and Saleel Kulkarni. We had missed listening / watching it during all our visits to Pune (Most of the 300-odd shows have been houseful !!). When the news of this programme came off on the Maharashtra mandal group, we decided to go for it and got the tickets. Getting to Ravindra Kalakshetra on a Sunday morning 10am was difficult but we managed to get there JIT to find the crowd waiting and we wondered if double tickets were sold ! As with most cultural programmes, this one too started around 15 mins late. Everyone was excited to have Sandeep and Saleel on stage and the music finally began after exchanging a few pleasantries with Mandal officials. As with all their shows, this one was hugely liked by most.

Once again I was taken aback by Sandeep's observation. We could relate to most of what he has written. The collection that the duo presented was a mix of poems Sandeep has written - published as albums (3 are out so far), or in films or just something that is not available through any medium. The programme was in accordance with the young crowd - starting with poems on rain, then "her", "wife", and maturing to the society and issues and situations and occasions. Some were comments on situations in a comic way... some were making the crowd think... people were applauding at every moment when they could relate to the Sandeep's words. Well... there were a few for whom his words were way above understanding heights !

300+ successful shows, albums in the best-selling lists and all this is definitely not without Saleel's contribution. Saleel has composed quite a few of Sandeep's poems. It is a pleasant surprise to have a melodious tune to such meaningful poems. Saleel indeed has a sweet voice.. and he sings most of the poems for us (with Sandeep supporting and singing a few). What was more fascinating was that every tune was different. Not one same as another... all tempos were there... tunes befitting the emotions... In "Aayushyavar Bolu Kahi", Saleel comperes most of the show with scenes those happened when the poems were being composed, briefing the audience with the context of the poems, making witty remarks and sharing their experiences from their performances... Surely some of it was pre-decided.. but spontaneity must be mentioned.

What amazed me was Sandeep-Saleel's stamina to present around 30 songs/ poems with a break of just 20 mins.... I almost fell off-the-chair realising that Saleel did not carry any paper with the poems written ...everything was memorized... (Dont know if Sandeep was helping him and how!! )

All in all, it was a great Sunday morning show... captivating the audience for well over three-n-half hours and that too with Marathi poems ... an awesome experience !

Wishing Sandeep and Saleel heartiest congratulations for reviving Marathi poetry especially getting it closer to the younger crowd... This is a must see (rather must listen) programme.

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Ramesh L said...

Good narration of a cultural event. Such events are always welcome in the midst of our over-westernized society.

On your amusement: "I almost fell off-the-chair realising that Saleel did not carry any paper with the poems written ...everything was memorized..."

I think good lyrics and tunes go straight into our heart and we never seem to forget them.

On final words, being from another state, while I can't recall many prominent Marathi poets/artists (I've heard a few people including Hradaynath). But I can say that some are definitely making their mark outside, for instance, in Tamil Film industry.

To wit, Sayaji Shinde, who took pains to act as Bharathi, a very popular & patriotic Tamil poet who lived at the time of British rule.

Then there is Shreya Ghoshal, who has a good voice and has given many hits in Tamil. Surprisingly, her pronunciation is decent.