Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The psycho effect

It was an unusual night yesterday... waking up every hr or so to see what time it is? Why? I had missed my aerobics class yesterday as I slept even after the alarm screamed aloud! I was determined not to miss out on it today for any reason. So these wake ups. My determination was strong enough to make me work out rigorously today but it failed in the later part of the day to resist closing my eyes at work!!

This was at 10am.. a very odd time for anyone to close the eyes and indulge in (supposedly) deep thoughts. It was then that I decided to take a break... Not just any break ... but a coffee break! Why coffee? Nothing special.. I'm a tea-fan so thought of having a change.

Ah! What a surprise!! the sweet sleep in my eyes started to disappear with the very thought of coffee! Amazing!! I was wondering if I will skip my sleeps for another couple of days if I have this drink!! Let me check that... but the day is definite to go fine and awake ;-)

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